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MP Trailer Passes 1000 Views on YouTube

It took seven months, but our little trailer has been viewed over 1000 times by the YouTube masses. Yay!

Here's the link:

Last Updated ( Thursday, 06 September 2007 )
Welcome to Monster Planet
Monster Planet Poster

The evil Dr. Sigfried Svehla has stolen the galaxy's most valuable commodity, the Aludium Fozdex atom. He has cooked up a sinister scheme to take over the universe, beginning with an uncharted planet.

Captain Maximillian Golden and his crew, a band of rag-tag misfits, crash on this planet and stumble on to Svehla's plan.

The fate of the galaxy rests in their hands (we're in trouble now), as they attempt to stop Svehla, recover the atom, save the villagers, free the princess...wait, there's no princess, that was another movie...and take off before the planet goes ka-blooey. 

Oh, and we forgot to mention the monsters. MONSTERS?  

What began as an amateur film project has become a phenomenon--well, to us anyway.

Monster Planet is a no-budget sci-fi spoof that started production in 1992. It took us about 6 years to complete principal photography, and we're still working on the post production. With any luck, we'll finish in time for the 15 year anniversary.



Last Updated ( Friday, 23 March 2007 )